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We offer quality services for all of your landscape needs. Serving commercial, residential, & public agencies since 2012. During our consultation process we will make sure that the services and ideas we present are exactly what's needed to accomplish your goals.


We take client satisfaction personally while providing you with our professional service! At Morgan Hill Land Care we offer free landscape consultation, please contact us today to set up your appointment for the service you have interest in.


Our experienced and professional staff are able to help you with all of your land care needs.


We offer free landscape consultation &  estimates. For our DIY-er's, we also offer design services.


Our design team works with you directly to understand your property, your ideas, and your budget to provide you with the best landscape. 

You'll meet with one of our knowledgeable design team members who will be apart of your project from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction.


The appearance of your business speaks volumes to your customers. Quality landscaping shows how you do not overlook any details and the customer will feel more comfortable trusting your company.

Let us take care of all of your landscape development and maintenance needs.    



Our residential landscaping services will make sure your property is well kept and better looking then the rest. 

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the landscape industry will make you very happy that you chose our company to help. We'll exceed your expectations, guaranteed.

Our environment is something that requires everyone to do their part. We offer an extensive list of services to better the outdoors.

Offering everything from habitat management to wetland plantings, bio-swales, & much more. 

Together, we can all work for a better outdoors.


We work closely with our clients to capture their vision & landscape ideas!


From creating outdoor living rooms, summer entertainment areas, to renovating your existing landscape, we're here to help.


Outdoor living rooms bring friends & family together to build memories & enjoy more time outside. Contact us today to make your vision a reality.

  • Landscape Design & Build

  • Tree and Shrub Plantings

  • Outdoor Living Rooms

  • Patio / Walkway Design & Build

  • Retaining Wall Design & Build

  • Lawn Seeding / Sod Installation

  • Topsoil Services and Grading

  • Drainage Installation & Repair

  • Stone Driveway Installation

  • Site Excavation / Land Clearing

  • Patio & Walkway Cleaning / Polymeric Sand Replacement


  • Habitat Management

  • Habitat Development 

  • Wetland Plantings

  • Stormwater Management

  • Bio-Swales / Rain Gardens

  • Forestry Mowing / Mulching

  • Timber Stand Improvements

  • Land Clearing

  • Wildlife Plantings (Native Plants)

  • Invasive Species Management

  • Right of Way -Vegetation Mgmt.

  • Field Mowing / Large Area Mowing



  • Spring & Fall Clean Up (lawn / garden beds)

  • Bed Edging and Mulching (Brown Hardwood, or Black Diamond Available)

  • Tree and Shrub Pruning

  • Seasonal Color Plantings (Annuals)

  • Landscape Bed Maintenance Program (Custom maintenance schedules to suit the needs of your property.)


Commercial Landscaping


Commercial landscaping is often over-looked by many. However, the outside apperance of your business is just as important as the inside. With a professionally maintained landscape, your customers will walk in knowing they are doing business with a company that cares.


Our professional services are designed to fit the needs of your companies property and exceed your expectations.


Stormwater runoff is a major contributor to pollution that is often overlooked by many. Growing communities, large parking lots, and developments (impervious areas) cause ground water to runoff quickly into storm drains thus not allowing water to be absorbed by the soil.


Planting certain trees, shrubs, and flowers (known as rain gardens) will help absorb the pollution from stormwater runoff and promote an increased water quality. 


Stormwater runoff will increase soil erosion, lower the groundwater table, and more. Installing rain gardens on residential or commercial sites may seem like a small part to such a large issue, but any size rain garden will help contribute to less pollution in our ground water.


Let Morgan Hill Land Care provide your landscape with environmental solutions. Rain gardens will not only cleanse the stormwater runoff but also it will increase the value of your property, decrease the amount of lawn area to mow, and reduce the potential of stormwater drain flooding due to high amounts of runoff in one area. Stormwater plantings are very important for all landscapes - both residential and commercial.


Our forestry mowing & mulching services is the perfect solution to your land management needs. With our forestry mower, we can help you maintain a heathy forest, expand lawn areas, vegetation management for utility / right of ways, create trails, food plots, & so much more. Traditional land clearing methods require permits, removes topsoil increasing erosion, & requires more equipment to complete. Generally, this old way of land clearing would also leave large piles of debris that requires burning or trucking to remove it. 


By utilizing our forestry machine, we minimize ground disturbance by using a compact tracked machine. It is the most efficient & cost affective way to manage your property. The mower takes shrubs & trees up to 8" diameter leaving behind only a layer of chips, which naturally break down releasing nutrients back into the ground. Forestry mowing has a wide range of applications & offers the benefit of being completed year round.


We also utilize our machine for habitat management services. We create diverse habitats that are necessary to our native wildlife, remove invasive species, & release native trees & shrubs from overgrown understory. Native wildlife & plants are important to keep our environment properly balanced. We create a management plan to best suit your property's needs & goals.


Our forestry mowing services are priced based on forest density, location, amount to be cleared, & site terrain. For our initial consultation, we meet on site to discuss your property & review the work area. After that we prepare a service estimate which is based on per acre. Acreage for all projects is calculated using a GPS & marked with paint. If you think you have an forestry mowing application, reach out to Morgan Hill Land Care & see what we can do for you.


Forestry Mulching, Forestry Mowing, Land Clearing, Habitat Management, Landscape Development
Forestry Mulching, Forestry Mowing, Land Clearing, Habitat Management, Landscape Development
Forestry Mulching, Forestry Mowing, Land Clearing, Habitat Management, Landscape Development

Our Landscape Maintenance Programs are built per client to fit exactly what you're looking for. This service usually includes a once or twice per month maintenance visit depending on the property & client. Our program generally starts in May and goes throughout the spring, summer, & fall.


Our Landscape Maintenance Program offers you an excellent way to enjoy a better outdoors!

Our clients in this program will spend an estimated 10-15% less than if they paid for these services seperately! We specifically build your program around the services you select.


These programs are an excellent way to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple companies, while also providing you with the peace of mind that comes with a clean & maintained landscape.

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